2019/2020 Sustainability Report

Feeding the Nation & Enriching Lives Through Sustainable Operations

FMN Sustainability Report

As we celebrate 60 years of creating shared value for Nigeria and Nigerians through our operations, Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) is proud to release our 2019/2020 sustainability report.

Highlights of the Report

Our Farm-To-Table Strategy


Production & Bagging

Logistics & Transport Support


Throughout our 60-year history, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) has remained committed to investing in the local production of food in Nigeria and improving operations to provide quality products, jobs, and opportunities for Nigerians

These investments local industrial production, community development, and Infrastructure.

Sustainability At FMN

Sustainability at FMN is based on respect for our people, cultures and the natural environment. We remain committed to preserving biodiversity, reducing water usage, solid waste reduction, the emission of greenhouse gases, energy use reduction and carbon emission reduction.

We care for the livelihoods of the local communities and our employees in terms of health and welfare. FMN continually strives to improve the environmental, social and economic aspects of our operations.

FMN and its brands have been trusted by the Nigerian family for generations. For over 60 years, we have dedicated ourselves to building strong relationships with those who are impacted by our business.

This includes our shareholders, employees, consumers, host communities, management and Board of Directors and investors as well as the government, environmental and quality assurance regulators, media and business-to-business dealers.

To effect meaningful change, we are committed to addressing environmental, economic and social issues that most of those impacted by our business. As this is our maiden report, we conducted internal materiality reviews to understand the key issues that we deemed sufficiently reflective of our stakeholders’ current interests.

The Change Leadership Team are responsible for economic, environmental and social topics and report directly to the Group Managing Director, and to the Board through the GMD. They are:

  1. Paul GbededoGMD / CEO (2013-2020)
  2. Boye OlusanyaGroup Chief Operating Officer
  3. Devlin HainsworthMD, Foods Division
  4. Raffoul NassibChief Operating Officer, Agro-Allied Division
  5. Marvin AbeMD, ABTL
  6. Wale AdediranHuman Resource Director
  7. Jack CwachFlour Operations Director
  8. Yiannis KatsaounisSupply Chain Director
  9. Anders KristianssonChief Finance Officer
  10. Narhari Prasad TripathiDirector of Manufacturing & Technical Services
  11. Vlassis LiakourisManagement Information Analyst
  12. Sadiq UsmanDeputy, COO Agro-allied
  13. Joseph O. UmoluCompany Secretary / Director, Legal Services

As one of the largest and most diverse food and agro-allied groups in Nigeria, we understand the importance of collaborating across the food value chain for mutual benefit.

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1 Golden Penny Place, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria.


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    Message from the GMD

    As one of the largest and most diverse food and agro-allied groups in Nigeria, we understand the importance of collaborating across the food value chain for mutual benefit. As such, we have over the years invested heavily in the development of a unique self-sustaining ecosystem that ensures our business is properly positioned to navigate existing and emerging macroeconomic conditions while guaranteeing the sustainable growth for the group in the future. From our suppliers, including several small-scale farmers who grow our raw materials, to our distributors and retailers who sell our finished products, and on to the millions of consumers who enjoy them daily, FMN is committed to creating shared value across our operations.

    Over the years, embracing sustainability in its entirety has spurred us to integrate further with our purpose of ‘Feeding the Nation, Everyday,’ into our business strategy. This has inspired the proper positioning of the Group’s businesses into four distinct pillars – Foods Division; Sugar and Sweetener Division; Agro-Allied Division; and Support Services Division. This strategy was inspired by the need to ensure that the group is appropriately focused for sustainable growth and profitability while providing the needed support system for our five key food value chains of grains, oils & fats, sweeteners, proteins, and starch.

    Boye Olusanya
    Group Managing Director